Urbana - U50

  • Brand: Enviro
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Available Options

Urbana U50

• To complete a unit, you need to order:
1. A body (ie U50I-NG)
• U50I-LP and U50I-NG SKUs include Steel Bezel & Vermiculite.
• U50I-LP-LED and U50I-NG-LED SKUs include Ember Bed Color LED
Lighting & Clear Glass.
• All U50 units include Top Lighting, Painted Liner & Remote.
• Outer Trim Kit included with all U50 units.
• Additional or alternative options can be purchased separately.

  • Striking 3 sided design.
  • Double Glass Safety (no screen required).
  • Glass to Glass Assembly (no corner pillars).
  • Seamless Top to Bottom Glass (no gaps).
  • Adjustable Ember Bed Color LED Lights (some models).
  • Top Lighting Kit (all models).
  • Ready to install with base options included.

  • Vermiculite, Black Glass or Clear Glass
  • Steel, Antique Rust or Infinity Glass Bezels
  • Driftwood or Traditional Log Sets
  • River Rock Set w/Twigs
  • Shale Accent Media
  • Painted, Fluted or Infinity Glass Liners
  • Chase Comfort Kit
  • WiFi Kit for app controls
  • One Sided Installation Kit
  • Steel Framing Base Kit
  • Corner Install Kit
  • Multiple Intake and Output Venting Options

Max Input BTU (NG)  38,000
Glass Size   1520 in²