Fire Pit Burner System's

"Good" - "Better" - "Best" System

Match Throw (MT) "Good"

The Match Throw system is by far the easiest system to maintain and understand. Just turn the key valve to the on and light the main flame with a butane lighter.

  • To light, turn ON your butane lighter and place over the outside edge of the burner. Then place the key into the recepticle on the key vale, and turn to the ON postion; this will start the gas flow. This will ignite the main flame.
  • CAUTION: In the eventof the flame being extinguished, the gas will continue to flow.

Thermocouple Manual Safety (TMS) "Better"

Thermocouple Manual safety is a millivolt system that operates by rotating the valve control knob to the On position and depressing inward, while simultaneously lighting the fire pit with a butane lighter. Keep the control knob depressed until the Thermocoule is hot and will maintain flame.

  • To light, rotate the control knob counterclockwise to the ON position. Then press and hold the control knob inward and simultaneously light the edge of the burner with a butanne lighter. To turn OFF, simply depress the control knob and turn clockwise to the OFF Position.
  • If the flame were to be extinguished (by either very high winds or heavy rain) the thermocouple will cool down, and the valve will turn the gas OFF.

Thermocouple Flame Sense (TFS) "Best"

TFS is an electronic valve ignition and flame monitoring system. Simply Press on the ON button on the hand held transmitter 9provide and the system will spark to light the flame. The TFS features a safety shut OFF in case of loss of flame and a auto re-light.

  • By pressing the on button the transmitter, the gas will flow and the ignitor will begin sparking in order to light the gas and turn OnN the main flame.
  • If the main flame is not lit within 15 seconds, the gas will turn OFF, and an error code will sound.
  • When the flame has been established, the thermocouple remains hot enabling the fire pit to operate.
  • If the flamewere to be extinguished (by either high winds or heavy rain) the Thermocouple will cool down and turn the gas valve OFF. The TFS system will attempt to re-light for fifteen seconds. if the burner does not relight within the fifteen seconds the burner will go into safety lockout. To unlock, simply press the OFF button on your Transmitter followed by your ON button.
  • You can adjust the flame height with the High/Low buttons on the transmitter. When turning ON your system for the first time, the Default setting is HIGH. After that, the system will remember your last flame adjustment.

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